Axxzia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium Skin Plumping Eye Mask 60pcs

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Axxzia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium is an under-eye beauty patch that can also cover the upper eyelids. Try this sheet mask to combat skin problems around your eyes.

It is said that the areas between the upper eyelids to upper cheeks are vulnerable to a decrease in springiness, and this eventually causes wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet. With Axxzia eye mask's large-sized sheet, you can cover these areas with ease.

The sheet is made from cotton linter, so it feels softer than ordinary facial sheets and causes less damage and irritation to your skin.

Its good adhesion to your skin means it delivers beauty formulas effectively.

Axxzia eye mask is formulated with three minerals and five botanical agents.

How to use:

Take the sheet with the attached tweezers, and place it on your eyes once in the morning or evening. You can use it twice a day if you need to apply intensive skincare.

Lightly press the sheet so that it can stick more closely to your skin.

After 10~15 minutes of application, remove the sheet, then apply a moisturizer that you use in the final stage of the skincare routine.