Isomers AIO for Lips - Collagen lip gloss - Plump & Protect Gloss 8ml

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Shade: Pink

What is it?

Lip Plumping and Protecting Treatment Gloss to Achieve Fuller Defined Lips and Lip Line Naturally.

A lip gloss that is especially formulated to boost hydration, redefine your lip contour and help you achieve fuller, more voluminous lips!

What does it do?
Are your lips doing a disappearing act? Well, now you can restore, rehydrate, and revitalize your lips and lip contour area with this non-toxic, volume-amplifying jelly gloss treatment!

Optimally formulated with compacted / concentrated hyaluronate spheres which balloon up into super bouncy moisture and peptides to redefine, boost and amplify your lips and a jelly like hydrophilic (water loving) oligomer that provides liquid bubble wrap like cushioning, padding and protection for your lips.

Well defined lip area will bring visual fullness, curves and structure making lips look naturally youthful and substantial.

Who is it for?
This formula is effective for people of all ages and skin types, it is especially designed to target skin concerns on the lips – thinness, dryness, roughness, lack of volume and undefined lip contour.