KIKO Milano Eyebrow Expert Palette 2.4g

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Shade: #01 Blonde

This kit, ideal for perfect eyebrows on every occasion, contains all the products necessary to shape, fill and define your brows.

Eyebrow Expert Palette consists of:

- 1 eyebrow setting and shaping wax

- 2 shades of powder (light and dark colour)

- 3 professional accessories (tweezers, applicator with brush and applicator with angled tip)

The powders, used alone or together, fill and perfectly define the shape of the eyebrow arch. The line is blendable and buildable and creates a delicate finish; after the wax is applied, the coverage increases and the colour intensifies, adhering perfectly without losing intensity.

The wax defines, combs through and sets the eyebrows. The new creamy and adherent texture ensures comfortable application and allows the brow arch to be perfectly structured and shaped, so it stays defined for a long time.

Depending on complexion and hair colour, you can choose from 3 shades: palette 01 for blondes, palette 02 for light brunettes and palette 03 for dark brunettes.

How to Use

1. With the tweezers remove unwanted eyebrow hairs and define your brow to create the desired shape.

2. Apply the wax to the eyebrow arch with the angled tip applicator to extend the hold of the makeup and for a more intense effect. 

Clean the applicator with a tissue after use.

3. Fill and define the shape of the eyebrows with the angled tip applicator, picking up the desired shade(s) of powder.

4. Blend the line and comb through the brows using the brush.