Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar Special Hair Loss Shampoo 250ml

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What it is: A luxurious Caviar based hair loss shampoo designed to strengthen weak and thinning hair and deliver healthy, revitalized locks. 

What it does: The exclusive formula creates a micro-circulation that delivers essential nutrients directly to the heart of the hair follicle, a critical step for healthy hair growth. Fortified with 8 multi-vitamins and 5 trace elements it inhibits the formation of DHT, the leading cause of hair loss. Also works to regulate sebaceous gland activity and provide antiseptic properties to fight infection which can hinder healthy hair growth. The hair loss shampoo restores hair’s natural hydrolipidic film while our keratin and collagen peptides hydrate and form a protective film from root to tip, repairing and strengthening damaged hair to prevent breakage.

Who it’s for: Anyone who needs an anti-aging hair treatment or has hair that is weak, thinning or brittle. Safe for color and keratin treated hair. 

What it smells: Floral. Fresh notes of green apple, citrus and green accords wrapped in a bouquet of jasmine, tuberose, rose and ylang ylang. Clove leaves, woody notes and musk add a touch of spice and warmth.