AGE 20'S Signature Essence Cover Pact Long Stay White 14g + Refill 14g #21 Light Beige

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Instantly create the glamorous makeup with this 3-in-1 (highlight, make-up base and foundation) Signature Essence Cover Pact Long Stay.
The signature long stay series contains Sebum Holding Powder and Opuntia humifusa extract which help to absorb the sebum and oil, and effectively calm the skin, giving you the fresh and flawless look.

Long-lasting: Sebum Holding Powder helps to absorb sebum and oil for a longer-lasting look.
Improve skin tone: Mixed with the mint tone in order to brighten the skin tone.
Antibacterial puff: The water drop shaped puff is antibacterial, gives you a clean and hygienic using experience.