Aqua Savon Barrier UV Gel Watery Shampoo Scent (Cinnamoroll 23S) 200g

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Highest standard value in Japan SPF50+/PA++++
For body and face
Moisture barrier UV gel to protect skin from UV rays, pollen, and dust.
Take firm measures before leaving the house! Large volume, easy-to-use 200g pump type.

Product Features:
● Skin care UV gel that protects the skin from pollen, dust, and other particulate pollutants.
● Protects skin from ultraviolet rays that tend to dry it out! Contains triple ceramide. (moisturizing ingredient).
● Can be removed with soap.
● Patch tested.
● Contains silky powder.
● Contains sweat-through ingredients (skin conditioning ingredients).
● 5 free ingredients.
 Parabens, mineral oil, alcohol (ethanol), petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, animal-derived ingredients.
● AQUA SAVON No. 1 Popular Watery Shampoo Fragrance.
 Fresh and refreshing fragrance like shampoo bubbles.

Cinnamoroll wrapped in a rainbow-colored soap bubble barrier on the sleeve.
The bottle has a cute Cinnamoroll design with a cute Cinnamoroll flying lightly through the soap bubbles!
The cute design makes daily UV care fun.