DERMACEUTIC Regen Ceutic - Skin Recovery Cream (1 x 40ml)

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Accelerates epidermal restoration post aesthetic treatments: nourishes and firms the skin. Regen Ceutic is recommended for sensitive, dehydrated and aging skin. The highly active formula boosts the skin’s recovery and provides optimal moisturizing, soothing, firming and superior skin comfort.


Key Benefits:

- Suitable for ALL skin types especially sensitive, dehydrated and ageing skin.

- Firms and nourishes the skin.

- Leaves skin hydrated and moisturised.

- Soothes any irritation and redness on the skin.

- Helps reduce the volume of wrinkles.


Key ingredients:

- 3% Peptides Complex

- 3% Hyaluronic acid

- Stabilized vitamin C & E

- Shea butter



Apply to the face in the morning and evening.


Pack Contents: 1 x 40ml