Dermaheal Aqua Peel (1 X 15ml)

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The most effective and safe premium homecare peeling with peptides and glycolic acid combination which removes dead skin cells to purify skin and unclog pores to brighten skin tone. Programmed usage gives you younger and healthier looking skin.
Before each peeling session, wash your face and hands. Prepare Aqua peeling solution, a clean plate and a brush.

Recommended usage of Aqua Peel to provide clean, younger looking and vibrant skin : 1 session in every 3~4 days, total 5 sessions.
To experience a high performance and strong efficacy, combine with Mask Pack after the peeling treatment and apply Ultra AW500 Serum, Ultra AW500 Cream and/or Post Laser Cream, Post Therapy Super Brightening Cream. Then please apply sunblock containing a high SPF factor.

The frequency and leave-on time shall be adjusted depends on your skin type and condition.