Eaoron Trehalose Cream 50g

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  • Specification: 50g
  • Benefits: Improving Dullness, Smoothing, Repairing
  • Suitable for: All skin types

Our upgraded EAORON Trehalose Cream formulation is designed to significantly enhance your skin's overnight rejuvenation. This innovative cream utilises Dual Technology to focus on repairing and protecting the skin, presented in a 30g package. It's tailored to strengthen the skin's defences, offering a comprehensive 3+1 Overnight Rejuvenation System that revitalises, nourishes, and illuminates your skin by morning.

Innovative Features and Benefits:

    • Upgraded Rejuvenation Formulation: Employs advanced dual technology to boost the skin's natural barrier and enhance overnight rejuvenation.
  • 3 Steps to Boost Skin's Natural Barrier:
    • Restore Moisture Barrier: Utilises Bifida Ferment Filtrate, Soluble Collagen, and Panthenol to enhance self-hydration mechanisms.
    • Enhance Natural Defences: Features Conopeptide, Niacinamide, Oligopeptide, and Vitamin C to improve self-repair capabilities.
    • Strengthen Skin Barrier: Incorporates Ceramides and natural plant extracts to maintain defence, enhancing moisturising ability, stability, and defence capability.

The EAORON Trehalose Cream promises not just to address signs of dullness and damage but to rejuvenate and enrich your skin, paving the way for a more radiant, smooth, and healthy complexion. Experience the ultimate in overnight skincare rejuvenation and awaken to a brighter, more nourished, and revitalised skin every morning.