Fernanda Fragrance Moist Body Gelato 120g

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Material: Sakuranbo

Chill, freeze, new texture. In addition to LIPIDURE, which retains a high moisturizing effect and does not easily fall off even when sweating, this triple formula contains diamond powder that gives skin luster and platinum colloid that conditions the skin. It locks in moisture and leaves your skin gently fragrant and silky smooth. If you freeze it, you can enjoy a new cool and pleasant sensation.

How to use:
Take an appropriate amount and apply to skin.

Precautions for use and storage:
If the cosmetic does not agree with your skin, or if you notice redness, swelling, irritation, color loss (such as vitiligo), or dark spots after use, discontinue use and consult a skin doctor or other specialist.
Do not store in extremely high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of infants.