Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Reviscentalis Meta Concentrate Serum 30ml

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A concentrated, lightweight, anti-aging face serum that brightens, protects and strengthens the skin barrier for plump, smooth, hydrated skin.

 Giorgio Armani’s patented moisturizing serum contains metabolites from the resurrection plant to supercharge skin with antioxidants, ceramides, and amino acids. Upon application, metabolite capsules burst and actives melt into the skin for a purified, regenerated and protected skin barrier. Containing over one billion resurrection plant metabolites in a single bottle, this glowing anti-aging serum revives skin for a smoother, more refined texture in just four weeks.

How to use

Use morning and night, as a serum or as a pre-serum.
1. Press the pump to break capsules and activate the formula.
2. Apply the serum all over the face.
3. Massage into skin.
Application Time: Day & Night
Application frequency: Use morning and night, as a serum or as a pre-serum.