Gotukola Hair Mask With Pealing Capsules

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Size: 50ml

A unique formula Gotukola mask that combines a complex of concentrated keratin capsules released by the massage of the material for a minute, while at the same time doing a peeling that cleans and massages the scalp and hair from residual materials and renews the epidermis layer.

The mask is especially concentrated thanks to the creatine capsules released by a penetrating massage that surrounds the hair and provides immediate rehabilitation.
Ultra-short action time, massage for a minute that exfoliates the masseuse and cleans residues in the hair and scalp, while releasing the creatine.

Another gift of another minute with the material on the hair, washing in the water, end of action.

Purpose of treatment:
·Improves and repairs damaged hair
·Restored split ends
·Permits connections
·Provides softness and touch of silk
·Treatment before and after smoothing
·Formula without salts
·Makes it easy to comb and use a skid or a face
·Provides brilliance and perfect design over time