Kahina Giving Beauty Oil Cleanser 100ml

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Dissolve makeup, sunscreen and oils with this nourishing oil-based cleanser that leaves skin clean and soft without residue. Super hydrating, antioxidant rich plant oils combine with anti-inflammatory Calendula, Turmeric and Blue Tansy to calm and detoxify skin. Luxuriate in the scent of a blend of all natural neroli and geranium essential oils.

Key ingredients

  • Calendula provides antiseptic and antimicrobial benefits
  • Turmeric works to improve the appearance of acne prone skin and reduce redness
  • Blue Tansy reduces redness and soothes irritation
  • John’s Wort is rich in flavonoids to soothe damaged skin
This unique Oil Cleanser is water soluble and can be removed with just water.  No washcloth required. Ideal for dry, sensitive and acne prone skin.