Kao Biore Foam Stamp Hand Soap Flower Wash 250ml

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  • Just push with the palm of your hand! Hand soap with flower bubbles.


  • It makes daily hand washing fun and leads to enlightenment of children's hand washing.


  • Contains bactericidal ingredients.


  • Fine bubbles break down dirt.


  • Cleanly removes bacteria and odors.


  • Adopted SPT (skin cleaning technology).

    How to use:


  • Press the blue ring of the pump with your palm to create a paw-shaped foam.


  • The key to getting a clean shape is to flatten your palm.


  • Push it all the way down to pick up the foam.


  • If you press the pump twice in a row, it will not be in a clean shape and bubbles will accumulate on the pump head.


  • At the beginning of use, it is necessary to press the air 3 to 4 times.


  • Do not press it continuously, but press it once to check.


  • Spread an appropriate amount on your hands, wash, and rinse with water or hot water.