Kao Biore House De Esthetic Facial Wash 150g

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Style: Smooth

  • Smooth

  • Everyday washing face turns into esthetic.
  • Massage cleansing gel to smooth skin.
  • Box clear clearing prescription which reduced the burden on the skin.
  • Dismantle puncture plugs that cause pores conspicuous and dark stains and drop them, smooth skin with unobtrusive pores.
  • Use in a bathroom where pores are easy to open is recommended.

     If you use it in the morning, makeup paste improves. 

  • Feeling relaxed aroma fragrance clearly.

    How to use:

  • It is a type of facial cleanser that does not foam.
  • Wet face gently lightly.
  • Apply the appropriate amount (about 2 to 3 cm in diameter) to the entire face.
  • Particularly in areas where pores are soiled, concentrate the gel thickly and firmly fit.
  • Then rinse thoroughly.
  • When it is nearly running out, you can use it without waste until the end by turning off the cap.