KIKO Milano Smart Colour Mascara 8ml

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Shade: #01 Metallic Purple

Thanks to its creamy yet light texture, it is easy to apply to even the shortest lashes and releases an intense, highly-pigmented colour. It can be used on its own or as a top coat over black mascara, to give the eyes a touch of colour.

The inner parts of the brush, where the bristles are shorter, hold the product and guarantee an immediate release, whereas the longer bristles comb through the lashes, ensuring a high-definition effect.

How to Use

The coloured mascara can be applied with 3 different effects:

1. Pop Up Lashes:

Apply the mascara to the full length of the upper and lower lashes.

2. Colour Up Effect:

Apply the mascara solely to the tips of the lashes.

3. Top Coat Effect:

After applying black mascara to the full length of the lashes, add a coat of your chosen coloured mascara.