Maison Margiela Replica Sailing Day Eau de Toilette 100ml

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Scent type: Sunny and invigorating eau de toilette

Fragrance description:
The fresh and salty experience of an invigorating sailing day. Replica ‘Sailing Day’ is the memory of a day on a boat by the ocean.

The freshness of the sea spray and the wind on your face. The soft warmth of the sun on your back. The communion with the endless and deep ocean and the image of sailing to faraway lands.

Dive into the ocean on a summer day. A warm breeze fills the sails and guides the boat to your next adventure, as you get ready to explore the infinite deep blue and feel the freshness of the sea.

This invigorating fragrance is a true invitation to explore the infinite deep blue of the ocean and feel the vivifying wind in your hair. Sailing Day is an invigorating eau de toilette that releases a unique Aquatic accord on the top, bringing marine, fresh, transparent, fusing and powerful notes.

The aquatic accord is mixed with aromatic and vivifying notes of Coriander. The salty woody freshness of Red Seaweed at the heart is associated with the sensual mineral notes of Ambergris, evoking the depth of the ocean.

Top Notes:aquatic accord

The Aquatic accord is a creation of the perfumer. It is made of the marine salty freshness of Calone, the aerial and green notes of the Aqual™ molecule, and the zesty freshness of Aldehydes. As a result the Aquatic accord is marine, salty, pure and transparent , and easily evokes the freshness of the deep sea and the invigorating sensation of diving into it.

Heart Notes:coriander

The Coriander essence offers an invigorating zesty and slightly spicy signature.
It reinforces the vivifying facet of the Aquatic accord, evoking the freshness of the ocean water.

Base Notes:red seaweed

The Red Seaweed Pure Jungle Essence™ offers a salty but slightly woody freshness, thanks to its marine inflection with moss facets. It clearly evokes the underwater plants present in the depth of the oceans.