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The new dermamelan intimate method contains a unique combination of active ingredients with a depigmenting efficacy(1-6) combined with an action on the inflammatory component characterising many hyperpigmentations and a visible improvement in skin quality, turgor and water-retention in the area.


Professional depigmentation method for the intimate area. Developed specifically for the genital-perineal, perianal area, mons pubis, inner thighs and groins. Unique for its dual, intensive corrective action that regulates pigmentation imperfections. Results visible in a single clinical session. Developed in collaboration with specialized gynecologists.


Pack Contents:

- 1 x Post-Peel Neutralizing Spray (50ml)

- 1 x Dermamelan Intimate Occlusive Film (2+2 sizes)

- 1 x Dermamelan Intimate Peeling (4ml)

- 1 x Dermamelan Intimate Mask (7g)

- 1 x Post-Procedure Crystal Fiber Intimate Mask (10ml)


We recommend using this product under professional's advise.