Sekkisei Herbal Gel 79ml

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Multi-purpose hydrating gel and sleeping mask that delivers SIX benefits in ONE jar. Formulated with a non-sticky oil that creates a light texture which penetrates easily into the skin.

Six benefits:

  1. Hydrating: Angelica Extract delivers intense moisture, keeping skin hydrated while locking in a translucent glow.
  2. Radiance Boosting: Antioxidant Fermented Coix Seed Extract and Loquat Leaf Extract, which promotes blood circulation, work together to achieve glowing skin from within.
  3. Smooths: A mixture of emollient plant-based oils quickly penetrates into and smooths the skin, resulting in skin that stays soft, moisturized, and glowing for hours.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory: Mugwart Extract soothes the skin and provides anti-inflammatory benefits to keep the skin balanced.
  5. Suppleness-Enhancing: Formulated with a high concentration of water-based moisturizing ingredients, Herbal Gel spreads like water and quickly penetrates into the skin, creating a healthy glow with lasting suppleness.
  6. Ultra-Nourishing: Melothria Extract plumps skin with essential nutrients, leaving it glowing and soft.