Shiseido Aqualabel Special Gel Cream Oil In 90g

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  • One item with five functions.


  • Lotion, milky lotion, cream, mask, beauty essence, after washing the face OK with this one.


  • It's almost an oil beauty spa.


  • Firmness and gloss on the adult skin.


  • An upward feeling.


  • With the power of oil, it provides brilliant gloss and firmness to your skin deeply engraved with dryness-induced imperfections with age, achieving a youthfully full look.


  • An oil-in capsule gel cream offers a pleasant sensation while giving you an upward feeling.


  • It reduces the visibility of dryness-induced fine lines.

    How to use:


  • After morning and evening face washing, take 1 piece of almond grains as a guide to the fingertips.


  • Let the whole face fit.


  • Finally, wrap your cheek with your palm and keep it.


  • If you want to replenish plenty of moisture, use as a mask.


  • After one almond grain is blended into the whole face, the same amount is spread over the whole face.


  • Left for about 3 minutes, and gently blended.