Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EV Brightening Beauty Serum 45g

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With two active whitening ingredients, it effectively targets the causes of dark spots. It suppresses melanin production and helps prevent dark spots and freckles.

m-Tranexamic Acid*1

Effectively inhibits the activation of melanocytes.


Targets accumulated melanin, effectively suppressing the excessive production of melanin pigment.

How to Use

STEP 1 After applying toner in the morning and evening, take two pumps of the dispenser in your hand.

STEP 2 Spread the product on five areas of your face (both cheeks, forehead, chin).

STEP 3 Gently press and spread the product evenly over your face, focusing on areas of concern.

Tips for Effective Application

  • Using a stamping motion, move your fingers from the center of your face outward.
  • Apply additional layers to areas of concern for better results.