Tomorrowlabs Hair Restoration Liquid 2*50ml

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The skin-friendly Hair Restoration Liquid was specially developed against hereditary hair loss for longer and thicker hair. Its innovative formula was developed based on the HSF active ingredient technology and shows visible effects where weak and thinning hair needs special support: at its root. The Hair Restoration Liquid intends to stimulate the cellular regeneration of the hair follicle. Due to its excellent skin tolerance, the Hair Restoration Liquid can be used long-term and is therefore ideal for prophylaxis and maintaining healthy, beautiful hair. 


• Clinically tested effectiveness against hereditary hair loss
• Supports hair regrowth at its root via the innovative HSF active ingredient technology
• Precise application thanks to two different applicators
• Visible results already after 12 weeks (once daily application)
• Protects and soothes the skin. No side effects or skin irritation
• Does not affect hair rare regime
• For men and women

How to Use

HSF Hair Restoration products have to be applied once a day. The liquid gets applied directly to the affected areas of the scalp in the tonsure area using the applicator. Spraying the liquid on the hair is not recommended as the active ingredient must reach the hair follicle. Massage in for 1-2 minutes. For the best results, HSF Hair Restoration products should be used over a longer period of 3 or even 6 months. The first visible results can be seen after the first few weeks. Long-term use for the treatment of hair loss or as prophylaxis is possible thank to the skin-friendly formulation.