Vecua Honey Honey Dew Enrich Hair Oil 50ml

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Soft wet type for moist and manageable hair.
Rich oil moisturizes hair.

It has a rich texture, yet it runs easily through the fingers, leaving hair light and manageable.
Aroma of fragrant fragrance of Kinmokusai, as if you just shampooed your hair, can be used not only as a styling oil but also as a hair fragrance.
Contains ingredients that repair hair damage, leaving hair moisturized and shiny.


Pure Olea Kinmokusai
A fresh fragrance of bergamot with the freshness of a golden Kinmokusai at the beginning of blooming.
A soft, memorable scent similar to that of first love.


Oil-soluble keratin, sugar squalane, Hokkaido acacia honey, almond oil, olive oil, sunflower oil