Vecua Honey Pure Kinmokusei Shampoo & Treatment Set 390ml*2

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Contains a common blend of quatro acid treatment ingredients consisting of four acids, including glyoxylic acid, which has been attracting attention for its highly effective results. Two types of keratin, the main component of hair, are also added. This repairs hair damage, reduces dryness, and leaves hair moist and manageable all the way to the ends.

<Two types of keratin>

Hydrolyzed keratin (cashmere goat, feather), the main component of hair, is added (moisturizing ingredient).

Hacic Acid Shampoo Pure Kinmoku Shampoo
Non-silicone shampoo with dense foam. It cleanses the skin and leaves the scalp refreshed and healthy.

Hachic Acid Treatment Pure Olea europaea
A thick cream that cares for your hair. Damage repair and heat care keep hair shiny.


Pure Oleander

A soft and memorable scent similar to first love.